R.I.P. Gavin Theory (January 30, 1985 – April 10, 2012)

Published on April 13th, 2012

The world recently lost an incredible thinker, writer, musician, producer and friend.  After wrestling with cancer for two years, our dear homie Gavin Soens (aka G Theory) has passed on.  Gavin collaborated with Fruition frequently, sharing concert bills, remixing a Fruition track, and on the flipside, having us do live renditions of his productions.  He also recorded a track that featured our very own Mimi Naja, which you can listen to right here:

Years ago when we put out our homemade first album, Hawthorne Hoedown, Gavin gave it a listen and was appalled by the sound quality.  He took the tracks back to his house (which at the time was across the street from ours) and was back in a few hours with a mastered version of the record.  Never afraid to speak his mind openly and honestly, he influenced a great lot of us to be more forthcoming and more proactive in our artistic output.  He was one hell of an amazing person, and he left behind a legacy of fantastic music and food for thought. Here are a few of his songs and official music videos alongside his lifelong lyrical brother, Lucas Dix – a duo better known as Hives Inquiry Squad.

“Over and over again I’m reborn, each time back to learn things I’ve ignored.

Different name, different face, different form, but I’ve been here before”

- Gavin Theory

Shut Ins – The Syndicated Television Series (with Hives Inquiry Squad)

Fruition & Hives Inquiry Squad – Misty Night Remix, Live

No Way Out




  1. Posted by Kat on April 16th, 2012, 06:47 [Reply]

    Man, we were so lucky to have had him for the time we did. Thanks for putting this together. Much love to all who knew him, and to those who will hear him in the future.


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